2percent_jaipeggersSave $1 Per Gallon of Milk!*

Does your family use a lot of milk? We’re excited to save you even more money with this new discount for customers that average at least 4 gallons of milk per weekly delivery.

How to qualify for this discount:

Any home delivery customer that receives delivery of over 32 half gallons of milk per month will automatically have their invoice adjusted, reducing the cost of the milk by $.50 per half gallon ($1.00 per gallon).

How is the milk counted? 

Our system applies this discount automatically on a per-month basis. As long as you order at least 32 returnable half gallons of creamline, whole, 2%, 1%, and/or skim within the calendar month then you will automatically receive this discount on your invoice.

Do other products like chocolate or flavored milk count? 

At this time, the only products that go toward the 32 per month threshold and will be discounted are creamline, whole, 2%, 1%, and skim.

What happens if I’m just short of 32 half gallons for the month? 

All of the milk for the month will be charged at the regular price, unless you reach the 32 half gallon threshold.

*Please note: Quantity discounts may change from time to time in qualification requirements and in total discount given. We will provide notification on our website, and on the customer log in page when any changes occur to this discount. **This discount can not be combined with any other discounts.