Fresh Local Farm Produce CSA

Please note that this product is currently available for customers in Cache & Box Elder Counties.
Fresh, wholesome veggies are made simple with this farm fresh CSA box!  It is delivered right to your door each week along with your regular order.
“CSA” (Community Supported Agriculture) is a program that helps farmers carefully plan their production while allowing customers to get a full season of fresh produce. Customers will sign up at the beginning of the season and receive weekly shares of what is produced on the farm. This CSA can be purchased for a full season at a discount, or will also be available week-by-week at regular price. 
How it works:  
The Produce CSA available through Rosehill is made up of 100% local fruits and vegetables grown at Johnson Family Farms in Benson, UT. Johnson Farms harvest an assortment of crops throughout the week and then we load them on our delivery trucks and rush them out for delivery.
The CSA season is 17 weeks long. It starts the first week of July and ends the 4th week of October. Once you have purchased the CSA share from Johnson Family Farms it will be included with your regular Rosehill order each week.
The home delivered CSA is designed for 2 to 3 people, if you need produce, simply order multiple CSA boxes.
How to purchase discounted full season CSA: 
The full season Produce CSA is available at a discounted rate directly from Johnson Family Farms. Purchase the CSA and it will automatically be added to your weekly delivery during the 17 week CSA season.
17 Week Home Delivered CSA shares – $329; buy 2 or more for only $300/each. That’s only $19.35 per week! Click here to purchase full season CSA.

If you purchase a full-season CSA and are going to be out of town at all during the season, we would recommend having family or a friend pick up the CSA box off your porch after delivery. Alternatively we can place your order on hold, however we are not able to refund individual missed weeks.

How to purchase week-by-week CSA: 
The CSA box will also be available at regular price to add to your order on a week-by-week basis during the July-October CSA season. Price will vary month to month. To make sure there is enough time to pick the produce, the Produce CSA box needs to be added to your order 2 days before your delivery. To assist in planning, this is a standing-order only item. When added to your order it will automatically be scheduled for your choice of weekly or bi-weekly delivery. It can be removed from your standing order or put on temporary hold at any time (at least 2 days previous to your delivery is appreciated).
Not Yet a Rosehill Home Delivery Customer? 
If you are not yet a Rosehill Home Delivery Customer then becoming one is easy. Your purchase of the Home Delivered Produce CSA will automatically enroll you in our delivery service for the 17 weeks of CSA boxes. There are no additional delivery fees and no cancellation fees after the season is over. Additionally you can add any of our other quality local products to your order.

What you get in your CSA